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Oklahoma State University
OSU Police

Department of Public Safety

Crime Prevention

It is a priority of Oklahoma State Univeristy to provide a safe and secure environment for students to live and learn, employees to work and guests to visit. Unfortunately crime of all types does occur on a college campus. The OSU Police Department investigates and makes public the nature of crimes, the quantity, and how they are investigated.

OSU's Prevention Efforts

  • Orange Shield
  • Cowboy Alert
  • Emergency telephone system
  • Emergency 911 dialing
  • 24-hour preventive patrols
  • Campus foot patrol by uniformed officers
  • Burglar alarms in key areas
  • 24-hour staff in Residence Halls
  • Custodial staff occupy academic buildings after hours
  • Crime prevention seminars presented to groups
  • Crime prevention pamphlets provided to students and employees
  • Some parking lots monitored by surveillance cameras
  • Crime Stopper telephone line  405-744-6063

In addition to preventing crime, considerable effort is devoted to crime intervention. All reported crimes are investigated immediately. Follow-up investigation occurs to identify the offenders. Where multiple incidents occur, surveillance techniques are implemented to help apprehend violators. When caught, offenders are dealt with through the state court system and OSU's student conduct process when appropriate.

It is important that everyone on the campus take proper crime prevention precautions in an effort to reduce the opportunity for cimrinal activity on this campus. Be cautious, careful and alert about your surrounding and protective or your personal belongings and the univeristy's property. Eash of us play a key role in crime prevention efforts both on and off campus.

Protect Yourself

  •     Be cautious of strangers.
  •     Avoid getting into vulnerable no-exit places.
  •     Do not hesitate to call police when confronted by unknown persons.
  •     Keep your house or residence hall room locked.
  •     At night, walk in groups of at least two, or when on campus call Safe Walk. (405.744.6523)
  •     Walk with confidence, and avoid walking near bushes and parked cars.
  •     Familiarize yourself with the location of emergency telephones.
  •     When parking, remove valuables from plain view and lock your vehicle.
  •     Engrave your valuables with your driver's license number and record serial numbers.
  •     Make copies of credit cards and other valuables in your wallet.
  •     Write your name and ID number in several places in textbooks.
  •     Lock your bicycle in a bicycle rack.
  •     Report all incidents and losses to police immediately.

When serious crimes occur on or off campus which are considered to be a threat to the campus community, information will be provided to employees and students through the Cowboy Alert System. Sign-up for Cowboy Alert.

To report a crime call 405.744.6352 or to make an anonymous tip or give police information call crimestoppers at 405.744.TIPS (8477).