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Oklahoma State University
OSU Police

Department of Public Safety

About the Department

The Oklahoma State University Police Department is dedicated to enhancing the opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to participate in the educational experience by providing a safe, protected, and orderly environment. As a service organization, the department offers a full range of police resources including area patrols, criminal investigations, crime prevention, facilities security analysis, event planning, and parking management. In addition, members of the department serve on university and community committees, provide training and specialized presentations to campus organizations and living groups, participate in the design and installation of safety and traffic control devices, and act as special advisors to all campus departments and administration. The professional police men and women, full-time staff members, and part-time employees are all selected to meet the high standards and multi-dimensional mission of the Department of Public Safety. The OSU Police Department was the first agency in the State of Oklahoma to achieve accreditation by the Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police Accreditation Program and has maintained that accreditation since 1998.

OSU Police and Public Service Officers provide a positive image to visitors and members of the campus community. Whether it is providing directions, parking information, or just a friendly welcome, our officers represent this university as a group of caring and professional people, intent upon creating a friendly community atmosphere. Enforcement includes using alternatives to arrest when reasonable and full cooperation with administrative services and functions impacting student conduct. Our enforcement efforts are always geared toward providing a safer community.

For the OSU Police, service is not just a word or a part of a catchy slogan, but a way of life. Our service programs, such as motorist assists, money transports, and emergency notification services are handled routinely. The OSU Police encourages students, employees, and visitors to use the Rave Guardian application which offers direct access to the OSU Police and other services offered by Department of Public Safety. OSU's blue phone system offers emergency assistance across campus. The Safe Walk program enhances public safety on the Stillwater campus and anyone may request a trained student Public Service Officer to escort them across campus. 

Overall, the OSU Police Department believes in providing proactive law enforcement and service to you, the university community.