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Oklahoma State University
OSU Police

Department of Public Safety

Emergency Operations Center

The OSU Emergency Operations Center is a state of the art command center equipped with weather monitoring capabilities, access to university surveillance systems, and multiple communications systems used in the event of an emergency or large-scale disaster. The EOC coordinates with OSU departments, local governments, and the State of Oklahoma to identify and mobilize resources before, during and after an emergency all while providing an area where the members of the OSU Emergency Operations team can assemble and access up to date information in the event of an emergency.  The EOC provides decision makers with the information and resources needed to make informed decisions during an emergency in order to restore and maintain continuity of operations. Staff at the EOC constantly work to develop, evaluate, and improve the university’s emergency operations plans to help the OSU community in accessing and implementing mitigation strategies to reduce the effects of disasters to the OSU community. The EOC works with due diligence to provide the best practices information to help protect OSU staff, employees, and students during any emergency on campus.